Twisting the Travel Idea

Travel is much beyond what we can actually imagine. It can go and reach to other worlds. Other worlds not only mean destinations but something much more that grows continuously with our thoughts. What exactly can travel mean to you and how will it matter depends upon what you want to explore in it.

Many times it is that travel writers and bloggers do get out of words to write more. Actually, this is
possible with any blogger or writer, and you can consider me for that matter. It is time to rejuvenate
those drops that write your mind. Break from your usual stuff to explore more will give you that twist
that every blogger looks for. Fresh ideas will make you go wilder while thinking, I really mean wild here.


The Ways you can travel & explore

To start from, well this list goes places, we can think of the minutest and very common things.
1. Food blogging cum travel blogging where you can explore deep streets and origins at the same
time through local food.
2. Food-Restaurant/Café reviewing can also be a getaway for you.
3. Street photography and food photography has gone places now. Pictures speak more than
words but not always. It can add much more to the picture and the place.
4. Covering up the Fests, be it Food, Music, Art. It will surely mark you at that place. Moreover,
next time you visit, get along with a group and that will surely add much to their experience.
These are the basic ones which people use as a ‘Rule of Thumb’ to include all what is mentioned. As we
go ahead exploring more, let us consider some new aspects of travel. Maybe they are a taboo, or
unusual, or simply amazing, the exploration starts right here.


Ideas & Reasons to Travel
  • Financial writing gets you a heavy pocket. Though it is not that popular for a writer to shift to
    finance, yet it gives a great opportunity to have more of what we can have.
  • Tour celebrity homes or the places they visit frequently. If you are lucky, you may have a chance
    to add an interview to your pages. Or a picture can do wonders too.
  • Follow an avid writer, blogger or celebrity and portray the life of that person as a travelogue.
    This will surely make you feel like a celebrity after a while.
  • Sex Tourism is something more of a taboo all over the globe. Some countries do regulate this
    form of travel. It is basically when people travel to experience other world pleasures. Rare
    bloggers and writers write about this but again an option too open to discover.
  • Medical tourism is on the rise too and it has got attention in the past few years only. More
    information on this has got many writers earn riches or I would say Doctors.
  • Exploring Green Travel is also a good option as it gives a more vivid picture of the inner and hidden
    cultures of a place making it another destination for explorers.
  • Wedding travelers are on the rise. It has got so popular that TV shows are now acting as a
    medium for such explorers and travelers. Many have launched books on this subject which are
    more or less extensive and give a subtle experience.
  • YouTube channels of many users have attracted attention towards their travel experiences. New
    concepts in different industries are promoting travel to a large scale.


Travelers, explorers, bloggers, discoverers, voyagers are never short yet new ideas just make travel
more worthwhile to go with. More than anything else, now everything is somewhat traveled through
the pages of the writers and bloggers or I should say they have travelled to the many aspects of it.
Starting up with an aspiration, travel goes beyond boundaries.

Story is somewhat similar to mine, where
your inspiration and love becomes one binding force.

Here starts the journey of many like us on this very moment, come travel!
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