Hope: A Perspective

We are smart. And as we become smarter, we tend to forget our basics. We are just messengers of hope. We pass on the hope to others who bear the torch. The torch called ‘hope’. This may sound absurd to a lot of people and we know that when you delve deeper into philosophy, lines start to fade.


The Light meets its Darkness

It is just one perspective I have started to think on. Mind keeps on exploring new perspectives and surprising itself all the time. You tell someone that everything is going to be fine is based on the intrinsic value of hope. In economics and finance, we are trying to find the real or intrinsic value of a certain commodity or service. But what is the intrinsic value of hope? You cannot even imagine giving a wild estimate of this value. The upcoming manned- missions on Mars are based on the same principle.

This is just one example of the value we can start to think on. Our definitions of money, the demand and supply, the theory of relativity, all have one thing in common that we usually don’t talk about. You may be on the light or dark side but what powers you is hope. Our dreams are powered more by hope and after that ‘will’ plays its part.

We thrive, learn, survive, and most importantly live with hope. Otherwise we can anytime get extinct in a blink of an eye. We will just be purposeless without hope. Standing on this rocky planet waiting to die? No! It is the freedom we have to explore this energy called hope and what it can do to us and to this universe.

Our purpose is to hope for something and that something is what drives us. Hope from what I understand is an inevitable part of life. I don’t think it is intangible. Everything around you has its meaning and value. So I again ask,

“What is the value of Hope?”

Share your thoughts at unspokenseas@gmail.com. I wrote this while listening to Ember by Max Richter and the link is right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84yBioZZwf4


 – Unspoken Seas

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