We all wonder and think about an ever-expanding basket of things, we may present it in the way we wish. Some of us do get up to say what we think but most of the things are lost in the deepest seas of thoughts left unspoken and unheard. Flow of thoughts never stop like the waves of seemingly endless seas where we drift upon and the drift is nothing but our experiences of lives lived and yet to be lived.

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Write-Ups drafted on various areas like finance, food, philosophy, poetry, quotes. Do check out the latest work and dive deeper into the seas. All guest authors and writers are welcome to contribute and share their work.



The picture tales from around the world. Stories behind the pictures and the tales beyond it. This is for all the photography addicts, travelers, explorers, pioneers and wanderers. It is about what lies ‘Beyond’ every picture, the stories, and the lives behind those clicks and flashes that add to the quintessence of what we call life. The amazing journeys of the travels captured in the pixels stitched and combined to make pictures, our memories.

Beyond is the journey of my first 10,000 worst and best pictures! This is to the beautiful world we live in.



Featuring bloggers, writers and poets with their scribbles breathing life into new perspectives. A place where you can find extraordinary in a few words.


Made and fueled by experiences, a place dedicated to her, my Special One. Inspired by my first story, now published, ‘The Missing Hours’ and the link is mentioned below.

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The greatest gift is to make the experience alive by sharing.


Check out the story ‘The Missing Hours’ here http://www.amazon.in/HIDDEN-GEMS-Chronicles-Unsung-Heroes/dp/935206349X 



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