Endless Journey

I will never forget this journey. It started on our ‘Highway of Life’ and it has already been two years down the road. Happy two years to you. :’) Seems like a memory flash but more like a dream. I dedicate the ‘Unspoken Seas’ to you for the unspoken, never-ending words to describe us all the way and ever.

Hope you love it but don’t love it more than you love me!

Here is something I wrote for you. It is one of the moments that I experienced recently and it struck me beautifully…

“I stood there leaning at the door,
Listening to the talk of some
And getting bored…

I looked out of the window,
Racing people stood
As my eyes searched them all…

Slowed down and saw a girl,
Out with an awe
Stared at her with a whirl…

She peeped through the space,
And I saw her back
My heartbeat took the pace…

That smile was just,
That constant blush
That made me still to rust…

She stepped right in,
Front of me
Hopping to hug me tight…

I still was lost,
In those beautiful eyes
And smile, that was for me…

She were dressed up,
Glittery yet stunning
Those untied hair of hers…

I just wanted to stay,
Look at her and say
How beautiful she made my day…

Yet today I will be here,
To hug her long 
To feel that face again…

I will not just,
Let her go
‘Coz she had made us
This way!”

August 2nd, ’15


Happy New Year ’16

Here goes another year. It is our 3rd new year together and we have sooo many to celebrate ahead, with or without the bonfires.
I wanted to celebrate this one with you so much but again, it is goes away like that.
I wrote this sometime back and hope it makes you smile on the very first day of the year compensating for all the sad days that went by.

“A lil’ of you,
A lil’ of me,
It started as usual…

Memories came with,
That slipping time,
Making it more intense…

A week of bore,
Behind those college walls,
Is surely a way to see you…

Not going up for,
The usual valentines,
Is our forte and a reason to sleep home…

Celebrating the result,
Always while travelling,
Was just so exciting…

The car journeys,
From here to where,
Where I wasn’t on the driver’s seat…

Waiting at stations,
Or coming all the way,
Just to meet and giggle…

Planning for surprises,
On our birthdays,
And starting it just a day before really surprises…

Your studying too much,
And me working for college,
Is something we need to end…

The spoilt dates,
And the romantic walks,
I still have to make up…

Visiting same places,
Again and always,
I will have to find new ones…

Eating more & more,
And still not getting obese,
Is another resolution for us…

A lil’ of you,
A lil’ of me,
I tried to capture us here…

A lil’ poem,
For our endless chatter,
Is surely not enough to fit in…

But I’ll make sure,
We do the same things,
For all coming the years,
As resolutions are just another,
Usual thing for us…”

Happy new year to You

Hope we find another nice place to eat and hang around this year which is not too far!
Disclaimer: All the characters or events appearing in this work are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or loving, is purely and highly real. I just wanted to say what you know, so no point mentioning that. My resolutions are ever changing apart from the momo one.

January 1, ’16


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